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Will You Marry Me 2008 Subtitrari

Don Noel visits Catalina to ask what to do with the dowry money which was going to be used for Monica. Catalina replies that it will be used for Ayme. She will marry Andres since Monica decided not to.

will you marry me 2008 subtitrari

The next morning, Sofia & andres discuss the wedding. Sofia wants to know if he changed his min about marrying Ayme. He has not and will marry her. He is in love with her. Monica on ther other hand has alot of qualities & he cares for her.

Aimee goes to the jail to see Juan. Spindola tells her that he received her letter and he is at her services. She gives him a sad sobbing story about Monica not being able to go see Juan because she is sick. Somehow she manages to get permission to see him and takes him food. She tells him that Andres wants an annulment and wants to marry Monica. She also says that Andres wants to take away his apedido. She spills the beans about everything else, the fact that he will be sentenced to 20 years. Meanwhile, Monica is asking Spindola for permission to see Juan while Aimee is there. Spindola denies her request. He also tells Aimee what Andres told him about her and that he requested not to give Monica permission to see Juan. He tells Aimee that she can see Juan anytime. 350c69d7ab


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