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We are an organization committed to serving the spiritually wounded, emotionally distressed, and broken-hearted by providing peer-based support through a series of faith-based courses, programs, and events. We began this journey in 2016 with the mission to assist student veterans in higher education resolve moral and spiritual conflicts resulting from military service that was preventing them from reaching their goals and disrupting relationships. Since then, our programs have expanded to include all military, veterans, and spouses.

Courses & Programs

Developed By Veterans For Veterans

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Faith & Military Transition

Veteran Led & Peer Supported

10-week faith-based course of healing and support. Originally designed for accreditation within higher education, our program addresses several of the challenging situations facing our veterans today as they attempt to reconnect with their community and return to a life of normalcy.

Course Leader Academy

Training Community Leaders

Duplicating successful outcomes. We provide 12 hours of Course Leader training to those who desire to join our dedicated team within their community. Training is offered in a variety of delivery formats that can be accomplished in as little as one week or spread out over an eight week period.

Faith & Military Culture

Accredited Higher Education Curriculum

Accredited and Veterans Administration approved college courses designed for inclusion in degree programs of study, designed uniquely for veteran students. Uniquely tailored to support student veterans struggling with moral injury following service hardships. Focused on academic and lifelong success.

Boots To Businiess

Assisting Businesses With Veteran Employee Retention

8-week program designed to address several of the challenges facing veterans attempting to reconnect with their community, begin new careers and resume a life of normalcy.

*First year turnover for veterans in the civilian workplace is 45%. The cost of a lost employee ranges from 16% of salary for hourly employees up to 213% of executive employees. (


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