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Our Mission Vs. Inflation

Our Ministry vs. Inflation I realize that I am speaking to the choir when I say that inflation has become a major economic concern in our nation today. It often drives us to modify our lifestyle and subsequently our giving. Studies reveal that inflation has recently robbed nonprofits of almost 8% of the value of donations they received last year. It has also forced many to reevaluate their generosity.

This inflation impact has certainly hit hard those of us living on a fixed income. According to a report released recently by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, price increases have continued to accelerate so that inflation seems here to stay, at least in the near term. The forecast is troubling, especially for small nonprofits such as God’s Word for Warriors.

At GWFW, we have committed ourselves from the very beginning, to be good stewards in handling the funds we have faithfully received from our donors. We have also been very faithful in keeping our donors informed as to their donations, its impact, and we will continue to do so.

Our recent loss of a new office space due to circumstances well beyond our control, has been a blessing in many ways. While we have had to relocate into our home offices for the remainder of the calendar year, we have been able to save over $2500.00 per month in costs. We have also been able to maintain our projected mission pace of outreach and assistance to fellow veterans.

We will continue the search for a new office space, but this is not our primary concern. As noted in previous newsletters, our primary concern is our continued ministry to veterans and the ability to keep up with the growing needs.

Recently, we were awarded a small grant from Redstone Arsenal, the first of this kind for our organization. We continue to actively seek various grants and private donations as we further expand our ministry. We have received advice from several individuals and organizations regarding our nonprofit name. We are told, that if we would drop the name “God” from our organizations title, we will stand a better chance of gaining grants and corporate support in today’s social environment.

We have seriously considered this, prayed about it, sought further advice, and meditated for some time on it. The conclusion…we won’t change our name to become more socially acceptable. While we are very careful not to impress our faith convictions on others, we will continue to stress our foundational biblical principles, which are solidly set forth in our efforts and a significant part of our successes to date.

Our conviction remains that for many veterans, trauma, and subsequent difficulties stem from associated moral and spiritual injuries. Such moral and spiritual violations or conflicts can only be alleviated through spiritual and moral guidelines set forth and valued by most nations throughout the world and ages. In the words of the Psalmist: “Let them praise the name of GOD - it’s the only Name worth praising” (Psalm 148:3 – GNB).

We are convinced that there are a host of individuals in this nation who see the value of this ministry and that we do not have to “water-down” our biblical principles to receive sufficient support.

The Lord continues to bless our efforts, not only with additional opportunities, but also with donors and supporters who are such a necessary part of this mission. Please continue to keep our God’s Word for Warriors mission in your prayers and share the news of our organization at every opportunity.

Finally, when you have the blessings of resources to share, please remember our mission needs and the thousands of veterans and spouses we have been able to touch due to such generosity. – Tom Seals

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