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Diablo 4 Download: Experience the Dark and Brutal World of Sanctuary

PC gamers must reserve at least 90 GB of available space on their SSD or HDD to download and install Diablo 4. While the minimum and recommended Diablo 4 PC system requirements vary somewhat, you will need 90 GB of available space no matter what.

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Blizzard Entertainment nor Sony have published an official download and install size for Diablo 4 on PlayStation. The Diablo 4 beta on PlayStation required just over 76 GB of available space, so we expect the full release to necessitate a similar amount.

To download and install Diablo 4 on Xbox, you will need approximately 80 GB of available space. This is certainly a sizable download, but you don't have to devote as much storage space to the game on Xbox as you would on a PC.

So, that's how much available space you need to download and install Diablo 4. Diablo 4 requires significant storage space to download and install, so clear some room beforehand! You may even want to consider pre-loading Diablo 4 so that the game is ready to go when all Hell breaks loose on June 6, 2023.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has not disclosed the specific download and install size for Diablo 4 on PlayStation systems. However, assuming that the required storage space will be similar to the Xbox versions is reasonable. As with the Xbox, ensuring you have enough space on your PlayStation console is advisable.

Ahead of Diablo 4's arrival, Blizzard announced full details about its worldwide rollout and when players could expect the game's servers to go live. Here's everything you need to know about Diablo 4's launch times, preload details, how you can download and play the game, its download size, and more.

In order to make it easier for players to jump right into Diablo 4 without having to wait for a download at launch, Blizzard gave fans the ability to preload the game ahead of time. This benefited everyone, but was especially helpful to players with slow internet connections.

Interested in downloading Diablo 4 so you can check out what all the hype is about? Follow the steps below that correspond to the platform you're playing on, and you'll be in the thick of the action in no time.

While Blizzard hasn't revealed specific Diablo 4 download sizes on Xbox and PlayStation systems, the official Diablo 4 PC system requirements do confirm that, at least on PC, you'll need 90GB of free space to install and play the game. It's likely that you'll need around this much available storage for the console versions, too, though the exact required amount for each console will be a little lower or higher.

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It can be tough to track all of these different launches, so we've put together a mini-guide with all the Diablo 4 Xbox release times and download size information to help you get ready for this incredible new game!

In Diablo 4, players will once again return to Sanctuary to face the horde of the Burning Hells. If you want to get in as soon as humanly possible, then you will need to pre-download Diablo 4's launch version.

Diablo 4 is launching this week and players can start pre-loading the game. There is an option to download high-resolution assets for the game and it adds a massive 45 GB to your download. The pack is automatically downloaded and you have the option to skip it. If you want the best possible visual experience, downloading high-resolution assets is worth it, but it comes at the cost of performance.

If you plan on playing the game at 1080p, the high-resolution assets are not worth it. However, we recommend downloading the game and trying the game with and without high-quality textures. If you experience poor performance because of the assets, you can always remove the asset pack and free up 45GB of space on your hard drive.

Diablo 4 fans can download and install the game at 4 PM Pacific/7 PM Eastern on May 30, 48 hours before the preload time. Fans can preload the game at the same time on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and the option is available regardless of which edition of the game players own. PC users will need to download Blizzard's client if they don't have it already. Meanwhile, console players can simply search for Diablo 4 in the Xbox and PlayStation digital storefronts.

It doesn't seem necessary to download all 80GB if you still have the beta/serverslam. Simply move the data folder of the beta into a "Diablo IV" folder, then start and only about 7 GB remain for downloading. If you want to be on the safe side, you can have a "Scan and Repair" run over it.

Worth mentioning is that you can toggle this while downloading the game initially. The "modify install" button is greyed out while you're downloading, but if you PAUSE, then it becomes accessible and you can toggle off the high res textures and resume download. You'll download 40gb less in the first place then.

It doesn't seem necessary to download all 80GB if you still have the beta/serverslam. Simply move the data folder of the beta into a "Diablo IV" folder, then start and only about 7 GB remain for downloading. If you want to be on the safe side, you can have a "Scan and Repair" run over it.Rod Fergusson tweeted after the Server Slam that the client is different and you'll have to redownload the client.

As the Diablo 4 Server Slam beta will be dropping for all the major platforms, including Windows PC, Xbox Series XS, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, the guide will go over how you will be able to download open beta early for all platforms,

To download the Diablo 4 Server Slam beta early on PC, you need to launch the client and then search for the title. You can do this using the search bar, and it will automatically take you to the main page of the game.

Knowing how to download the Diablo 4 beta is essential if you want a hands-on preview of this much-anticipated hack and slasher, as well as earning some rewards that will carry over to the full game of Diablo 4 if you progress far enough. If you have any concerns about how to access the Diablo 4 beta and whether you qualify to take part then don't worry about it, because the Open Beta weekend is available to everyone with no restrictions for trying it out. Now that the Diablo 4 beta preload times have been reached, you're able to install it to be prepped and ready for launch, so if you have any questions regarding the process then here's everything you need to know about how to download the Diablo 4 beta on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

If you qualified for the Early Access beta, then you'll have already been sent instructions for how to download the Diablo 4 beta on PC along with your access code. However, if you're looking for the Open Beta then this is where you get it:

You can then click Play to launch the Diablo 4 beta once it's available. Note that if you've already installed the Early Access beta then you can also use that for the Open Beta, so no further download is required. Don't forget that Diablo 4 crossplay is available during the beta as well as in the full game, so you can team up with any console owning friends.

As with PC, if you were part of the Early Access beta then you'll already have received a code to redeem on your console store, along with instructions for how to download the Diablo 4 beta on PlayStation or Xbox. If you don't have that access, then here's how to find the Open Beta:

The second weekend will be more public, giving anyone the opportunity to download and play the open beta. This will take place the week after the first open beta beginning on March 24, and running through March 27.

If you chose an Xbox or PlayStation console as your platform, you will be emailed a download code closer to the open beta date that can be used to download the Diablo 4 open beta. Pre-ordering Diablo 4 is the only way you are going to be granted early access to the beta.

With the open beta only available for the weekend of May 12 to May 14, every moment is precious if you wish to experience as much of the RPG as possible. However, with the download being hefty, Blizzard have announced you will soon be able to preload the beta ready for its release.

Diablo 4 is coming on June 6, 2023, and while we've already had a couple of betas, it wasn't enough to satiate the community who have been hankering after another chance to play the game before launch. Activision Blizzard delivered, announcing the Diablo 4 Server Slam set for this weekend, and it's available for early download now.

The official Twitter account for the game has announced that early download is available for the Diablo 4 Server Slam and it's a pretty beefy file so it's best to download ahead of time. In terms of file size, we're looking at:

The Diablo 4 Beta is quickly approaching, and Blizzard Entertainment has recently confirmed that they will be rolling it out in two different phases, leaving players to wonder when they can download the Diablo 4 beta. The first phase is Early Access, and those who have pre-purchased Diablo IV or participated in a quite odd promotion can participate. The second & final phase is the Open Beta, which will be available to everyone once the early access concludes. Luckily, players can pre-download the Diablo 4 Beta files so that they can hop into the testing right away.

Here's a quick guide for all of you currently preloading Diablo 4. There is an option that's automatically checked called "High Resolution Assets". You can find an explanation below on whether these are worth downloading for you.

Diablo 4 is probably the best Diablo game ever made (we gave it a 26/10 in our review). But if you've found yourself in this article then you probably don't need to be persuaded. In fact, we're guessing that you're pre-downloading Diablo 4 this very moment.

We just wanted to get that out there for anyone who is on the fence about downloading the High Resolution Assets pack. Of course, if you are short on storage space then you don't need to bother (the base game looks pretty great by itself).


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