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Scope 02

variables are defined in a scope, and we learned about two scopes: local and global. There are precise rules as to how each scope can interact with the other. As a general rule: global variables are available in nested scopes and cannot be overwritten, and local variables are not available in the global scope.

Scope 02

The goals and scope of testing, the number of people who will be involved in the testing, the hardware, and software tools that will be used in the testing, the testing schedule, and the number of test cases that will be written to perform the testing are all part of the planning process.

When starting regression tests, several challenges may arise. For example, depending on the test case, it can be challenging to start regression testing every time a program changes while staying within the project scope and budget.

Because functional testing is feature-specific, it has a limited scope. For example, suppose a team creates a car with a specific navigation feature. In that case, testers will ensure that the quality can locate the vehicle on a map and guide the driver to any desired destination.

Previous test results assist teams in planning future testing cycles and highlighting areas that should be tested when a new feature is added. When compared to functional testing processes, regression testing has a broader scope.

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